To make changes to your department or staff listings in the campus directory listings, follow these steps:
  1. Search for listings you are responsible for updating. It may help to search using common terms such as "lab" or "center".
  2. While looking at the Search results, there are two columns: "Department" and "Staff".
  3. Clicking "view" allows you to see the respective listing.
  4. If edits are needed, return to the Search results page (go back one page) and click the Download link. That should open the document in Microsoft Word, with the "Track Changes" feature on (so we can see what you edited). If the document does not open in Word, you may have to double click the document in your browser's Downloads page.
  5. Make any needed changes, Save your edits!! then email the completed document to
More detailed instructions are below, including how to update information not maintained by NTS (Legal Name, Job Title, etc.).
Enter a keyword or a few letters of your department's current directory listing in the box below, and then press Search. The Search is not case sensitive.
Search for:

Department Listings

  1. If editing an existing entry, use the form above to find the entry, edit in Word, ** save your changes **, then email your edited document to
  2. If adding a completely new directory entry from scratch, create a Word document with the information you would like displayed and email it to using the subject line: "New Department Directory Listing". The document you create does _not_ have to look perfect, it just has to have the right information. We will transfer your information into the correct format for the directory.
  3. To remove an entry completely (e.g. if a department or office is no longer at the U of O), use the form above to find the entry and email it to with the subject line "Delete Department entry"

Staff Listings

The staff listings come from the Banner HRIS system and include information for faculty members, classified employees, officers of administration, graduate teaching fellows, emeriti, and courtesy appointments for Fall term. Please follow the instructions listed below based on the type of changes you are requesting.

Note: We urge departments to make careful review for any staff listing errors prior to the fall printing of the telephone directory and encourage updates during the year as information changes.

  1. Changes & additions to campus/work addresses and campus phone number:
    1. Follow the instructions at the top of the page to edit your staff listings in Word.
    2. Leave the "Track Changes" feature on so we can see what your additions and deletions are.
    3. Save your document when you are done editing so as not to lose your work. Then:
    4. email the updated document to
      Please note that employees can update their campus phone number via Duckweb rather than having to submit any such changes in this fashion.
  2. Email address: the directory automatically includes the UO ( email address for each employee. No other email addresses can be listed.
  3. Legal name: contact Payroll Office to have this updated (see table below).
  4. Preferred first name (Preferred Name): Employee may update this via Duckweb (see the "Personal Information" tab). Preferred first name may also be updated via the PFN form available through Payroll.
  5. Job Title: contact one of the following offices: Human Resources, Unclassified Personnel Services, or Graduate School as appropriate (see table below)
Update type Route to: Via
Campus Address email
Campus Phone or employee via Duckweb email
Legal Name Payroll Office NCF (with SSN Card)
Job Title Changes Human Resources, or Graduate School PRF / UAF
Misspelled Job Titles Payroll Office Call 6-3151
Preferred First Name (Preferred Name) Payroll Office or employee via Duckweb PFN

For courtesy, emeritus, retired, and associate appointments, refer to HR at

For assistance: contact NTS Customer Services: (541) 346-6387,