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Updating your Directory Information
  • Faculty/Staff
  • Faculty and staff who would like a preferred first name (preferred name) included in the directory may set a Preferred First Name from the "Enter/Update Preferred First Name" menu of the "Personal Information" tab in Duckweb.
  • Faculty and staff can change their UO telephone number using DuckWeb. After logging in, choose the Personal Information menu and follow the instructions.
  • Faculty and staff may send email to to correct UO address information.
  • Faculty and staff may contact the Payroll Office at 6-3151 for correction of errors in name or job title.
  • Students
  • Students can select which information items will appear in the UO Online Directory. After logging into DuckWeb, choose Personal Information, then Online Directory Profile and follow the instructions. Students who have filed a "Restriction of Directory Information" form with the Office of the Registrar will not appear in the online directory regardless of the settings in this profile.
Restricting Directory Information
  • Faculty/Staff
  • The information displayed for faculty and staff in the UO Directory is public information. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the office of Human Resources (541) 346-3159.
  • Students
  • Students who want to restrict the release of all their student information via any source (online directory, phone request, etc.) should visit the Office of the Registrar, 2nd Floor Oregon Hall or call (541) 346-2935 for information about filing a "Restriction of Directory Information" form.
Need Help?
  • Network and Telecommunications Services - (541) 346-NETS (6-6387)
  • For questions or feedback, visit the UO Directory help page.
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